December 11th, 2006


2007 Bitches!!!!

Hey everyone it’s time to get down and boogie with your bad self. Scream till your chia-pet is scared. Dance till the floor feels like Jello. And wake up wondering who’s next to you and why they aren’t your designated gender of choice.

In other words . . . NEW YEARS!

Yup yup there is a shindig being planned by a group of furs (Lupine, Skippy, Soma, and myself) down in Quakertown, PA at the Comfort Inn.

Skippy even made a pretty pretty website with all the good information on it:

Book your room, RSVP, Bring goodies, and Lend a hand! Let’s make this a party we can all call our own, and a tradition others will drool at in desire!
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