Post Birthday Thanks

*hugs* Thank you guys for all your birthday wishes yesterday! It made my day. Matt has a surprise cooked up for me in a couple of weeks and he won't let me know what fun things are going on. *wiggles*

I'm a grown up lady now. My years on this planet say so. You can tell when you can't count your years on fingers and toes. If old ladies bake cookies and old men wave canes and yell at people to get off their lawns, then can I throw cookies at people on my lawn?

Yesterday was fun, I feel a lot like Garfield :D

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Textbook Discounts

Hi everyone,
I'm sharing the love once again.


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Website Project Question

Hi All,

I have a long-term website project I would like to begin, but it's been a while since I've played in the web development world, and, well, things have changed since last we met. Coding is simpler, apps slip into each other like butter, and none of it makes sense because I came from a world of hard coding and reams of it. In my heyday it was Frontpage for ease of use and HTML for the rest o.o Remember those days? Well, what I want to do is far beyond those days.

The basics:
I'd like to make an interactive website, user generated content, with a heavy database back end. *Not a Wiki* Sure there is Dreamweaver and Flash, but I'd prefer to start with something that has a bit more free-ware and a bit less building from the ground up. In terms of building things I'd rather begin with a prefab design and all the nails already counted for you IKEA style, instead of cutting down my own trees and spending hours peeling the bark off.

The question:
So I don't want to waste my time chasing my own tail. If I'm going to sit down and learn some program inside and out I want it to be the right one. Right now I'm looking at Ruby on Rails as a possible option. Any opinions on it? And suggestions on better/other web development apps? Most importantly, anything with lots of user friendliness and still being able to do rather complex things?
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9 Nobel Virtues in LOLcat

I know you're probably all tired out with lolcat this and can has that, but I just had to post this. When you take the serious face out of deep wisdom, somehow it just seems so much more wise (probably because it's easier to learn and smile when virtue takes the stick out of its bum).

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Get your Gaming Geek On

Yesterday Matt got GTA and I pitched a fit because I've been wanting Overlord. No fair him having uber fun destruction time and none for me. So now I have Overlord and he has GTA and we spent the night decompressing to the sounds of car chases, hooker fights, and minion worship. So far the top things I like from watching GTA are the insane talk radio and the fact that the NPCs are not as cookie cutter as they used to be. Looks like a real town now, neat.

On the other hand, Overlord is right up my alley with equal parts cute, funny, and evil. Having little gremlin creatures do my bidding and call me Master is surprisingly ego boosting. Now if only I can stop killing my peasants, but you know, they are in front of me, and I have an Ax. It's hard to resist.
I'm not really into gaming, so it's rare for me to find one I can really sink my mental teeth into. So far Overlord is ranking right up there with Bard's Tale and Fallout.

*This message brought to you by the makers of No-Dose. Who needs sleep when you can work all day, game all night, rinse repeat.*
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The Green Movement

By about now just about every person out there has had some contact with this whole Green movement, and my question is, what do you think about it?

I keep having mixed feelings about the whole shtick. On one hand, YAY for people (including myself) finally taking a better stance against all the poisons in our waters/food/household chemicals. And YAY for hybrid cars with better gas mileage and people taking better care of the earth with recycling and lowering your carbon footprint and all that jive. Maybe if we're lucky this can also bring about a comeback of the local community farmers and small businesses.

On the other hand, why does it all feel so fake? So corporate? I mean, I'm glad companies are on board with all this because frankly 100 wannabe-hippies can't make much of a difference, but a 30,000+ corporate juggernaut can do a good job cleaning up its act. Yet somehow, I don't know. I don't trust something about it all. It feels like another way to sell us all crap we don't need a a price that's mindbogglingly high. Hybrid cars could be getting 100+ miles to the gallon, but they don't. Why not? Food and gas prices are skyrocketing, and as necessary commodities, that just emphasizes the gap between rich and poor. Yet, we aren't going the self-sustaining hippy route. The green movement isn't for everyone, just those who can afford the designer recycled jeans. People aren't ripping up their lawns to put in vegetable gardens, because then they can't walk into a Starbucks showing off their manicures and 100% organic cotton canvas Whole Foods shopping bags. Maybe that's what's bugging me. The people that shout GREEN at the top of their lungs, looking down from on high at all the stupid Americans who eat McDonalds out of disposable containers, are just too clean. You can't be that clean if you're revolutionizing the world. You can't push to save the polar bears from drowning while waving a plastic water bottle around. Why not push to clean the tap water so we don't have to buy flavored Britta filters and drink other people's prescription pee?

Ok, now I'm just ranting, but I'm wondering how other people feel about this issue. I mean, maybe it's just the little nook I live in with the cookie-cutter pod people I work with, but does anyone else feel a not quite right feeling?

On a totally unrelated note, I had a great weekend just chilling and getting to know some fun and sweet people. I need to get out more :) Thanks Kamber, Leandra, and Eryth! I'm glad I got to finally spend some quality time with you guys and Roxy and Astor :) Huh, now I'm wondering if we can improv some Live Action Role Playing in the woods. Just an idea. Oh, and I gotta get a copy of that soup recipe. I've been craving it ever since!
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